Ben Boeckel ben.boeckel

Some things that interest me (in no particular order):

  • Software process (git, workflows thereof, code review, code quality, etc.)
  • Build systems (I’m a CMake developer, but other tools in the space interest me as well)
  • Rust
  • Hiking, camping, and backpacking
  • Swimming
  • Rock climbing
  • Board games and video games

You can also find me other places on the Internet:



Hi there! I’m a seasoned #blogger with over two decades of experience. I started blogging on LiveJournal back in 2000, sharing my thoughts and experiences with the world. Over the years, I’ve honed my writing skills and built a dedicated following. In 2020, I took the leap and started #hosting my content on my own #server. Now, I have full control over my #blog and the freedom to express myself in my own unique way. Join me on my blogging journey as I continue to share my #thoughts, ideas, and experiences with the world. #fedi22