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The Psychology of Procrastination and How to Beat It

The first time I attempted to write this article, I procrastinated the hell out of it. While I could lay this one at the Internet’s door, the truth is none of us can blame our procrastination on lolcats or any other productivity poison.

6 Incredible Benefits of Working Abroad

Living and working abroad changes you – and not in a “you’ve changed man, it used to be about the music” kind of way.

6 Reasons Why It May Be Time To Change Your Job

Do some research into what’s making you sad and find ways to change it. If that’s work, then start there. You owe it to yourself to make your life as pleasant as possible.

Thinking About Going Freelance? Here’s What You Need to Consider

Mainstream offices are definitely changing but many companies simply haven’t caught up. This means a lot of people work in ways that don’t suit them. The office grind isn’t for everyone.

What it Means to Find Your Dream Job

If I asked you about your worst job ever, what would you say? When I was in college, I worked the graveyard shift in a hotel, serving congealed fried breakfasts to hungover hen parties.

Presenteeism vs. Productivity in the Modern Workplace

Companies are catching on to the idea that time spent in the office isn’t necessarily indicative of quality work but in the vast majority of workplaces, there is more emphasis on the appearance of work rather than the work itself.

Outdated Career Advice You Should Absolutely Ignore

The last twenty years or so has rendered a lot of formerly solid career advice pretty much obsolete. Work just isn’t the same as it used to be, and long-held wisdom isn’t fit for purpose anymore.

How to Make Remote Work Work For You

The ability to work remotely is one of the major perks of modern careers. We can work from the comfort of our own homes, from the cosy confines of the local café or co-working space

What is a Portfolio Career and Should You Want One?

For the right person, this type of career can be extremely rewarding, both personally and financially. If you find yourself bored to tears by a regular nine-to-five

Any Questions? What To Ask Your Interviewer

Interview advice usually focuses on how you should answer questions, not how you should ask them. When your interviewer throws it over to you for questions, don’t be stuck for something to say!

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Software engineers apply scientific and mathematical principles in order to create computer software and solve problems