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Article sur Deuxfleurs & Garage dans le magazine 1024

Où l'on raconte la création de l'asso, son esprit, avant de plonger dans les systèmes distribuée en expliquant la raison d'être et le fonctionnement de Garage.

La mauvaise surprise du diabete

CW: maladie, hôpitaux, alimentation, santé mentale

Ramadan et Validisme : ou comment la santé est négligée au nom de la piété

L’absence de mon expérience avec le hidjab

Escaping in to Soap Opera Land

Because the real world is really too much right now

A Man Who’s Life is Spiralling Out of Control (Photo Realistic)


Hello ec.je, fancy seeing you here

The author, who is struggling with sleep, has decided to reorganize his domains. He redirected them to his new primary domain, kevin.paris

Old photos, better times, hello depression

A bad day layed out in a ramble


I’ve been meaning to do something Delta Chat related because it is the best messaging app that has ever existed

Promenade dominicale au supermarché

J'ai mal au dos et j'ai faim.

The Eternal Work on the Digital Identity

The author comprehends that he has been striving hard to be too many things, somewhat running away from himself.

Moving kevin.paris to Proton

After a tiny little scare that I was being MITM'd by Free, I made some fast movements to lock down some of my online conversations.